Natsu Matsuri 2017 @Hana Japan, Newburyport

We went to Hana Japan to attend the annual summer festival this year again. It was a perfect gorgeous day for such a festival. I’m sure the deceased Mr. Takahashi brought us this beautiful blue sky from the heaven.


We were able to show our Number seven quilt which was finally assembled into one piece, however, it doesn’t have a backing yet, so it was unfortunate that we couldn’t start doing chick-chiku yet that day.
We have met some Japanese people and one of our members brought her son who is a high school student and another came with her daughter who is a college student. Filled with their young energy, it was a huge success.
Hana Japan always provided a delicious lunch box for all our members and even gave us a donation! We’re truly thankful for their continued support for Tewassa.
Let’s start chiku-chiku!
20170827_hana_natsumatsuri_2 20170827_hana_natsumatsuri_3
20170827_hana_natsumatsuri_5 20170827_hana_natsumatsuri_4