2017/3/4 3.11 Memorial Candle Event


On Saturday March 4th, we organized 3.11 memorial candle event. At the event, we displayed the 8th quilt in progress, introduced about the group in Fukushima “fukuhana” and messages from the members.

「花は市民の手で」をモットーに、毎週日曜日の朝9:00からStreet Garden内の花の手入れ、剪定、除草をその土地に暮らす市民の手で行っている。クリスマス前には、Street Gardenから花材をあつめ、リース教室を開き、仕上がったリースで通りを彩った。2014年12月の末、原発事故により汚染された放射性物質を取り除く「除染作業」が、行政の手により実施。Street Gardenの植栽は、移動できるものはPICK-UPのうらに移動。この除染により、空間線量の減退がみられた。通りに咲く花をみんなでスケッチし展示するGarden Sketchや、fukuhanaスタッフ募集の立て看板制作など、春に向けて再開するfukuhanaへの準備に、スタッフそれぞれが胸を高鳴らせている。

※Street Gardenとは、PICK-UP前の200mほどの歩道に、花屋やfukuhanaスタッフのに手によって植えられた植栽のこと。文字通り、道端の花壇。

fukuhana (Fukushima Flower Project)
fukuhana is a group who take care of about 200 meter sidewalk flower bed in front of PICK-UP shop in Fukushima city. Members gather every Sunday mornings and prune, weed and take care of the street garden. Before Christmas last year they corrected the materials from the garden and hold a lease class. Leases decorated the street of Fukushima city. End of December 2014, the decontamination from radioactive contamination by the government was hold at their garden. They moved plants from the garden and brought to the backyard of PICK-UP shop. This decontamination showed decrement the level of radiation according to spatial radiation dose rate meter. Members are excited to restart “fukuhana” this spring. They are planning to have an exhibition presenting their sketches drawing flowers from the street garden.


We had spent the time as follows. Light some candles and prayed for remembrance of those who lost their lives and hopes of quick recovery for areas affected by the disaster, talked about the disaster and an event from last month that was organized by Japan Society of Boston, and wrote messages to fukuhana. There were many guests who bought the candles. We have appreciated your warm support.

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Whoever is welcomed to join us. We are looking forward to working together with you. Next gathering is scheduled at GrayMist Studio & Shop at 4:30-6:30pm, Saturday, March 11. Please check our coming schedule out through schedule page of our website.