Special screening of “FUKUSHIMA 2011”

Special screening: Fukushima 2011

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Where : MIT / MIT 6-120 Map
Open: 6 pm
Screen : 6:30pm ~85 min
Tewassa Report : 8 pm~
Ticket : Donations suggested
Contact : [email protected]
617-868-8868 (GrayMist Studio)
Online Registration: http://xoops.jrex.us/modules/eguide/event.php?eid=49

The film was directed by Hidetake Inazuka, who is known for his documentary, “Twice Bombed: The Legacy of Yamaguchi Tsutomu.” This documentary shows the distress of those who endured the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Focusing on Minamisoma city and Iitate village after the nuclear accident, the film delivers the reality of the residents exposed to radiation, living in desperate circumstances.

The film features mothers caring for their children, men working on farms, and the vice principal of a kindergarten; all regular people. This disaster attacked these people and created unparalleled damage. Please watch and learn about the current situation in these places.

“A year after the Great East Japan Earthquake, there is a reality that Japan cannot neglect.” — Tatsuya Nakadai (actor)
“My feelings go out to both people leaving and people staying. I hope that through moving forward and connecting together, they will get through this.” — Tokiko Katou (singer)
“I want to correctly inform others of the condition and the complicated psychological affects on people who lost family members, friends, houses, and jobs; living in fear of radiation after the sudden disaster. From the bottom of my heart, I’m most grateful they’ve allowed me to participate as a musician.” — Osamu Kitajima (musician)