TEWASSA is a long-term volunteer project

devoted to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami relief through handmade arts+crafts.

In Fukushima's dialect, "tewassa" means "handmade" or "items you play within your hands."
After the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, Japanese living in Boston were restless and wanted to do something.
This was the beginning of Tewassa and we started from what we could do.
We want to cherish ideas born from feelings of love and support for Japan.

Our Activity

Group Overview

Produces quilts, special symbols of "bringing hearts together," and delivers them to areas affected by the disaster. In the process, Tewassa helps support the connection between groups involved in the projects and the Japanese communities receiving the quilts.

Supports the lives of those who have evacuated from the affected areas.

Educates children outside Japan about the disaster and the recovery efforts. By working together with children, the hope is to raise the next generation with skills and knowledge to help in future situations.

Displays documentaries about Japan's current situation.

Tewassa receives funding through the sales of handmade goods and donations.


GrayMist Enterprises Inc.


http://tewassa.jugem.jp/ http://www.tewassa.org


JREX, Boston Special Needs, Japanese Women's Club in Boston, f.fortune Co. Ltd.